Legislative Publications

The Tennessee Legislative Record
A tabloid-style formatted document produced weekly during sessions. The Record lists all resolutions and bills in numerical order, (indicating by use of an asterisk which is filed first) and includes prime sponsor(s), primary subject heading, abstract or brief description, companion bill (if any), and the most recent action taken on the measure. The Record is usually compiled at the end of the legislative week and published to the web on Friday. The first issue is not produced until after the first week of regular session. The final issue of any session is posted upon completion of all legislative action following recess or adjournment, including approval or vetoes by the Governor and assignment of chapter numbers by the Secretary of State.
The Public Chapter Abstracts
A year-end publication compiled by the Office of Legal Services. This document contains an abstract for each public chapter enacted during the 2014 session of the 108th General Assembly, a subject code index for the public chapters, and summaries of selected public chapters.
Public Chapters Effective July 1, 2013
Public Chapters Effective January 1, 2014
Public Chapters Effective July 1, 2014
Public Chapters Effective July 1, 2015
Public Chapters Effective January 1, 2015

2014 Code Bill
Each year the General Assembly passes a codification bill, which reenacts the general acts of a permanent nautre that were enacted by the General Assembly in the preceding year. The annual codification bill integrates recent public acts into the Tennessee Code to make such code, in its updated form, the official compilation of the laws of this state.
Volume 1
Volume 2